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Heartbeat (for VRChat Avatars 3.0)

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Experience Lifelike Heartbeats in VRChat

Add a realistic detail to your avatar with this controllable heartbeat sound that can synchronise with your real-time IRL heart-rate, thanks to native support for HRtoVRC.

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🧠 Smart Detection: Heartbeart automatically detects and seamlessly swaps from manual control to HRtoVRC the second you start it up.

🍃 Lightweight & Optimized: Designed to be incredibly efficient (<100kb total, uncompressed)* to ensure your VRChat experience is as smooth as possible.

🫀 Heart-Rate Range: 0 to 250 BPM

🔄 Standalone Variant: For those without a heart rate monitor, there's a standalone variant that uses less parameter memory and has a more custom-tuned HR range. This was the original version.

Cozy? You're an eboy cuddling up with egirls all day? This will help you stand out from the crowd...and that's a professional guarantee.

🫂Cozy! If the above isn't you, and you just enjoy having as much tracking as possible, or enjoy getting deep in RP, then this is an must-have on any avatar!

*Figure presented is a measure of the products impact on an uploaded avatar

HRtoVRC's Supported Devices

⌚ You may already own a device that can work with this system, without even knowing it!

Supported Devices

📝 You only need to follow steps 1 and 2 of the HRtoVRC installation for the integration to function!

👍 Neither variants require HRtoVRC to fully function! It just takes over control when running.

This system was tested using an Apple Watch 4 with the HypeRate setup on HRtoVRC v2.4.0


🛠️ Easy Installation: Thanks to VRCFury, adding or removing the heartbeat effect takes just a couple of clicks, making installation user-friendly for everyone.

📖 Full Documentation: Comprehensive documentation right alongside the download, including GIFs and videos. If you forget this, there's instructions included in the package, guiding you through installations effortlessly.


Terms of Sale

🧑 This license is valid for ONE purchaser. Even with Commercial Use, do not redistribute the package on its own.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 No price-splitting with friends.

💳 No refunds.

Personal Use: Can only be used on your own publicly/privately uploaded avatars.

Commercial Use: Can be uploaded to private or public avatars, as well as used for commissions or commercial packages

🗣️ Credit me ('Garn Servo' and link to this page).

These rules are subject to change.


🎨 Menu Icons: Icon graphics provided by Freepik, adding a touch of visual charm to the heartbeart menus.

💻 HRtoVRC: Special thanks to HRtoVRC for listing their supported parameters, enabling seamless integration with heart-rate monitors.

🔧 VRCFury: Appreciation to VRCFury for their simple installation process, making installation hassle-free for end-users.

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Heartbeat (for VRChat Avatars 3.0)

34 ratings
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